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by irishface. A unique view of the French player, by a fan who 'loves him to bits'. Plenty of interesting articles, quotes, observations etc, with many links to content not covered by the site.

by Nastka. A comprehensive and up-to-date site of Arnaud's created by a young Polish fan, in English, French and Polish.

by Mel. Non-official site but with everything, including archives of DiP's logbook - diary of his everyday life. In French and English.

by Anik. A cool website dedicated to Dinara Safina, with all the latest everything. In English and French.

by Liz & Esther. A forum for fans of the popular 'Frenchies'. With news, photos, anecdotes etc posted by members. In English (and some French).

by Kat. A site dedicated to Spanish tennis player Juan Carlos Ferrero. In English.

by Louise. Dedicated to el tenista Argentino Mariano, with his blessing. An offshoot of Louise's Sportfiles photo gallery site, where you can buy her pics. In English.

by Colette. Colette's unwavering devotion to a worthy Chilean player! In español.

by Liz. Dedicated unofficial fansite for Richard, with lots of archived results, articles, photos etc. In English.

by Kristina. Yahoo! group maintained by a friend of Richard, who does occasionally post messages himself. In English (with some French messages, of course).

by Ram Mallika. A blog for the great player (we just need one of his sites here, don't we?). Latest news updates, and everything else about Roger that one would ever want to know. There are even tips on how to save streaming videos! In English.

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