A few good sites if you want to follow professional tennis. For news, tournaments, results, players, stats, photos, everything...

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A must-visit if you are a keen follower of men's tennis. Less country bias, but this is after all the official site and you'd better buy in to the official stance. Some annoying features eg. when links open PDF files without warning.

Comprehensive official site with everything you ever want to know about Davis Cup. Always up-to-date. And even better since 2003, with live scoring, and exclusive articles written by renowned writers such as David Law ;)

There is a good reason for the rise and rise of French tennis, if the official web site is any indication... (in french, of course)

A forum that covers virtually every topic you may want to discuss about professional tennis, as a fan. The companion site is of course for women's tennis, at By WorldTennisNetwork.

How can I not mention... the Mother of all tennis directories! But only on the ATP tour.

Don't be confused by the questionable look of the site banner - this is a decent and genuine tennis site. Created by a pair of photographers in Florida with close links to the tennis industry. Best for its 'photo coverage' of tournaments in Florida, and its players specials.

Everything you want to know about WTA. Rankings, results, stats... on all WTA players from the very top to the very obscure. A great selection of photos as well.

Content is American biased, but still has the fastest score updates outside of the Grand Slam sites (not to mention, loading fastest). The French equivalent (, isn't bad either for news and photos, for a French view of the tennis world.

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